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by Ross D. Gardler


Currently the Community Sports Management System consists of the very beginnings of one of the sports modules. This module provides facilites to manage a fantasy Football (that's Soccer to our American friends), However, this module can easily be adapted to provide other Fantasy Sports games by providing additional configuration files that define the rules for the game.

These configuration files are, in the default installation, loaded from the internet, however, you can configure the locations they are loaded from in the configuraiton dialog of the GUI interface as described below. Example configuration files (the same ones available on the Internet are avilable in the src/resources/conf directory of the source distributions. If you wish to fix any bugs found in the online config files, please configure your application to use these local files, edit them and supply patches to us via the patch tracking system . In fact, changing the settings to the local versions of the files will make the system run faster since it will not have to download the files from the Internet, however, you will not automatically benifit from fixes in the files.

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Configuring The Fantasy Sports Module

The following preferences will define where the configuration files will be loaded from. You can change the default settings by selecting the relevant option in the Configuration menu.

If you are using the CVS version of the application the defaults are not those listed here, but are the relevant files in CVS.
Auto Scorer Preferences
Preference Name Description Default *
Configuration Files
EventConfigurationFile The URL from which the Event configuration file should be loaded. This file defines a set of regular expression patterns that are used to extract events from an information source concerning a real sports game. This file is used to generate Events.xml a file that describes all the events in a real game that may result in a scoring opportunity in the fantasy game.
ScoringConfigurationFile The URL from which to load the Scoring Configuration file will be loaded. This file defines how events in real games are converted nto scores in the fantasy game. It is an XSL file that processes the Events.xml file. When Events.xml is processed with this stylesheet it should produce Scores.xml, a file representing all the scoring events in a game.
Scores2HTMLStylsheet The URL from which to download an XSL file used to convert the Scores.xml file to an HTML file for display in the application.

In the CVS version of the application these defaults for the configuration files are differnet from those indicated here. Generally, they point at the CVS HEAD version of the config files.

Control Centre Preferences
Preference Name Description Default
debug Defines whether the appliation runs in debug mode or not. true