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Community Sports Management System - Long Term Objectives


by Ross D. Gardler

CSCM Long Term Objectives

This document is intended to give an indication of where we intend to go with the CSMS project and its deliverables. The document is in a constant state of change and we welcome comments or feature requests via either our developers mailing list or our feature request tracker.

The Community Sports Management System project aims to facilitate the online management of sporting seasons, bringing together its participants and encouraging collaboration between like-minded groups.
In doing this we aim to promote the growth and development of sports clubs of all types and encourage the participation of all people whether they be players, organisers or supporters.

In order to do this we will provide a software system for the management of sports leagues, teams, players and supporters. Furthermore, we will provide a method for connecting these groups together. Our focus is not a particular sport, geographical area or type of participant, it is with the commonalities between these groups.

It is expected that the needs of specific groups, such as football leagues, hockey tournaments, baseball fans or FooBar Town Peewee Team, will be addressed by specific extension modules. The core system within the CSMS project will provide the framework on which these more specific systems will will be built. The framework will also provide the means for sharing data and communicating between these specific groups.

In addition to the core systems the CSMS project will house a number of sport specific modules. In order to use the Sports Management facilities of CSMS it will be necessary to install at least one of these sports modules.

The core systems provided within the CSMS project will consist of the following facilities:

  • Competition management
  • Team Management
  • Player Management
  • Supporter Management
  • Community Management

Competition Management

Sport is all about competition. This section aims to assist in the management and coordination of teams that compete against one another. It includes:

  • Teams in competition
  • Fixtures
  • Game results
  • Competition standings
  • Competition statistics
  • Fees management
  • Competition news

Of course there are many different types of competition, here are some of the ones we have thought about supporting. If there are others you would like to see then tell us.

  • League Management
  • Knockout Competition Management

Team Management

Teams need to be managed, here are some of the features we intend to include (eventually)

  • Players in team
  • Team profile/history
  • Non playing staff
  • Financial Management
  • Team statistics
  • Team news

Player Management

  • Player profile/history
  • Statistics
  • News

Supporter Management

Even the pub darts team has it's supporters, those people who are interested in results but don;t play in the games. We mustn't forget them, so we aim to include the following facilities.

  • Supporter profile
  • Contact preferences
  • News management
  • Mailing lists